Asesoramiento Legal y Fiscal. Servicios de Intermediación.

Desde el año 2001 venimos dedicándonos a la Gestión, Contratación y Tramitación de todo tipo de documentación relativa a la propiedad de bienes inmuebles.

sobre interealty

M&S Interealty es una empresa de medios especializada en el asesoramiento legal y fiscal, gestión, contratación y prestación de todo tipo de servicios relacionados con la propiedad y transmisión de bienes inmuebles así como servicios de traducción e interpretación.

Y lo que es más, nuestros servicios incluyen la preparación y revisión de contratos privados de compraventa, realizar cualquier gestión o tramitación ante los distintos organismos , la organización y tramitación de Escrituras Públicas, financiación de compras mediante préstamos hipotecarios, preparación de testamentos, todo tipo de seguros, etc.

Somos un equipo muy experimentado, con una profesionalidad que cubre todas las necesidades, dudas o cuestiones que puedan surgir. Nuestro despacho ha proporcionado a todos los clientes un trato personal y atento desde su establecimiento y ha mostrado su disponibilidad y eficacia a los cientos de clientes que han obtenido y requerido el mantenimiento de nuestros servicios. Su satisfacción prueba la calidad de la asistencia facilitada por nuestros profesionales.

Tramitaciones y Contrataciones

Gestión y Tramitación de Escrituras Publicas con su correspondiente inscripción en el Registro de la Propiedad pertienente.

Gestión de Documentos Notariales

Diligencia de expedientes relativos a la propiedad de inmuebles y toda aquella actuación notarial que se desprenda de ello: Venta, Compraventa, Disolución de Condominio, Adjudicación de Herencia, Donaciones y Declaraciones de Herederos.

Asesoramiento Fiscal, Legal y Financiero

Asesoramiento Legal:
Resolución de consultas y actuaciones procesales en todo tipo de procedimientos por nuestros letrados colaboradores.
Asesoramiento Fiscal:
Resolución de consultas, cálculo de impuestos, confección de declaraciones tributarias, gestión y tramitación del Impuesto de No Residentes, del Impuesto de Sucesiones y Donaciones,del Impuesto de Transmisiones Patrimoniales, etc.
Asesoramiento Financiero:
Solicitud y Tramitación de cualquier financiación con garantía hipotecaria o personal en cualquier entidad bancaria.

Traducción e Interpretación

Traducción a varios idiomas de todo tipo de documentos: Documentos Oficiales, Cartas, Contratos Privados, Certificados… bien sea por interpretación simultanea o en soporte informatico.

Lo que opinan nuestros clientes

  • It was a pleasure to meet you, and thank you for making our purchase with ease. Very professional, and would have no hesitation in recommending you.

    Paul and Valentina
  • Many thanks for all your help... As always you have been excellent and I love you all! We have bought a house here and have enough left to buy a flat somewhere near your offices. I hope that Jose will be able to work for us again and if so I look forward to seeing you all again in 2018.

  • Many thanks for your support and hard work on our behalf in the sale of our property

  • We have been dealing with Interealty since 2002. Since that time in every instance, we’ve engaged them –any queries/issues have been dealt with in a most efficient, professional, prompt & timely manner. What really impresses me with this company is firstly they are very pro-active with any updates that may affect us and secondly their services are VERY personable – always willing to help and advise us. We live in the UK, Spain is our second home so this kind of service means a great deal to us – Thank you Interealty we would recommend your services without doubt!

  • How wonderful to hear that everything has gone smoothly... May I take this opportunity to thank you and all staff who have assisted me in my purchase of this property. You have been the most helpful people and made this new home a very easy and stress free process, which I did not think would be possible. Thanking you all again and hope to see you soon.

  • I would like to thank you Jose,Elena,and Abbie for all the hard work you have put into my house sale and helping me at all times with a prompt professional service,I would have no problem to use your services in the future and would also recommend your services to anyone who asked me.

  • I must say I have no bad words about the service from your office. You have always been very helpful and prompt in your replies to my requests. Your company has never increased the fees for at least four years. I only wish you had an office nearer to Javea but this is not really a big issue. Thank you very much for the great service and hopefully this will continue.

  • Hi - We just feel so grateful that you are such a bunch of wonderful people, Cristina included, helping us with this. I was worried it wasnt going to happen at one point which was very disappointing, but what can you do…. However, we feel very fortunate that the situation has turned around and it looks like it might all happen now. I do hope so, not just for us but for the elderly couple so much wanting to return home too. Thanks lots and lots!

    Nickie Burgess
  • Thank you for the fantastic news, of a very fast and smooth purchase which is obviously down to your professionalism. Best regards Terry

  • Thank you for acting on our behalf with the final shaking of hands for the had over of the keys to our new property, we thank you and your staff for your punctual and professional manner. Once again thank you vey much indeed, look forward to doing more business in the future very soon. Best Regards

  • Many thanks for your email and the news of our sale, it is good to know everything has gone smoothly. We would both like to thank you and your colleagues for looking after our affairs during our ownership in Spain. Best wishes to you all.

    Janet & John Stanford
  • Thank you so much for all your kindness. I know for the last 28 years that we have had property in Spain we have always been told not to use the same solicitor as the buyer, but as we desperately needed everything done quick that is why we chose you and you have done a good job. I will still be coming out to spain as my daughter has a property, if we ever need you again i will not hesitate to get in touch with you.

  • If anyone reading this is thinking of buying a property in Spain and having a trustworthy organiisation to look after their affairs after they have purchased, then the only company to condider is M&S Interealtys.  I have been a client for close to 10 years and have always received excellent service. They have dealt with my banking arrangements with the utility companies as well as the tax authorities and house insurance etc.  They work in close harmony with the Notario when it comes to legal issues and are always ready to help and to sort out any difficulties.  Moreover their fees are reasonable so this is an ideal package which I personally recommend without hesitation.


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